Are YOU serious about SAVING the PLANET?

If you’re serious about saving the planet and want to do your bit then the Petition Site is the place to go. Here you can sign petitions (along with thousands of other caring people) and help environmental, social and economic issues get addressed. After all this is a democracy where the majority rules…You can also conduct YOUR own petitions on issues that you think should be addressed!


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Neon Tetras Update

Fact: Did you know neon tetras can only live for around a year before they died from old age?
Well, its been several months since my friend gave me his fish in exchange for some cherry shrimp and he had already had those neons for over a around 8 months.

They started developing a disease on their back fins and could almost barely keep themselves upright. After I realised this I went to the local fish store and asked the kind guy working there. He told me it was natural and just meant that they were getting old.

So over the past month they have all passed on. RIP neons and I hope you lived a fulfilling life!

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My Squidoo Articles Update 1

Hi to all my wonder followers. I was hoping you guys could do me a favor by visiting my Squidoo articles I just wrote. I’m experimenting will it at the moment as it could also potentially bring me income if my articles get lots of visits, comments and likes! Be sure to check them out:

(the piranha one is the best!)

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A glass catfish has just passed away

Rip glass catfish. He/she lived a good life for over a year. But what am I gonna do with the other glass catfish on the tank, I don’t want it o be lonely so I might sell.

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Sold 40 swordtail fry for $20

50 cents each, pretty cheap when they are sold several dollar in pet stores, but I guess these are still fry.

Anyway, now there living happily in a 7 foot tank.

So, farewell young fry. (But is still have about 40 more in my fry tank)

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Back from vacation update

I went on vacation for 8 days and left a feeder block in my main tank and my fry tank. When I came back I was surprised to see that most of the fry had survived. However, in my main tank both my lovely silver sharks had dies and must have been eaten at by the other fish because this is all that was left:


This was a very tragic event however I must admit that two dead fish is better than a while tank of 30 dead fish.

Some good news is that my orange swordtail has given birth again and their and now even more fry in my fry tank.

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Website Update, Freshwater Fish Fanatics!

Freshwater Fish Fanatics has been updated a lot recently. Now there is a Contest and Competitions section! If you have a youtube account you can visit this section and subscribe to the people that host the videos, then you make a video about the topic of the contest and might win! To see this section click here. If  you like it you can subscribe to it on the page by email.

There is also a new banner system that allows other people to promote there websites. Its a smart system! Click here to visit it.

The most crazy thing that has been installed is an online store! It works in partnership with and looks really cool. I have made a store page (click here to visit it), a specials page (click here), and a selected products page (click here).

Another useful page is the forum page. This page has been made for people who need help. Click here to visit it and make an account.

I have also constructed another website which works is in partnership with FFF. Its a fish directory where people can post all there fish websites for FREE! click here to see it!

A donation page is also in the process of being made.

So why did a make a store? Well mainly i just wanted to try it out and make my website look more professional but it turns out i also get a 4% commission every time someone buys a product off it. So lets see if a make any money off it? I’ll keep you guys updated!

How else do i make money through the website? I also have GoogleAdsense on my website this means that when people visit it if they click on the advertisement by google i get a bit on money (about a dollar every click). I’ve had this website for about 6 months and ive only had about 4 clicks out of 5,000 visits to my website (making me on $4.24 or something). To be honest, that’s nothings! So if you guys visit my website and like it then maybe you can do me a favour! you know what i mean, perhaps a click :). Im interested to see what system of monetisation will get me the most money…will it be google ads or amazon store???

btw, thank celine for posting Freshwater fish fanatics logo on your blog. click here to visit celines blog


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