Website Update, Freshwater Fish Fanatics!

17 Sep

Freshwater Fish Fanatics has been updated a lot recently. Now there is a Contest and Competitions section! If you have a youtube account you can visit this section and subscribe to the people that host the videos, then you make a video about the topic of the contest and might win! To see this section click here. If  you like it you can subscribe to it on the page by email.

There is also a new banner system that allows other people to promote there websites. Its a smart system! Click here to visit it.

The most crazy thing that has been installed is an online store! It works in partnership with and looks really cool. I have made a store page (click here to visit it), a specials page (click here), and a selected products page (click here).

Another useful page is the forum page. This page has been made for people who need help. Click here to visit it and make an account.

I have also constructed another website which works is in partnership with FFF. Its a fish directory where people can post all there fish websites for FREE! click here to see it!

A donation page is also in the process of being made.

So why did a make a store? Well mainly i just wanted to try it out and make my website look more professional but it turns out i also get a 4% commission every time someone buys a product off it. So lets see if a make any money off it? I’ll keep you guys updated!

How else do i make money through the website? I also have GoogleAdsense on my website this means that when people visit it if they click on the advertisement by google i get a bit on money (about a dollar every click). I’ve had this website for about 6 months and ive only had about 4 clicks out of 5,000 visits to my website (making me on $4.24 or something). To be honest, that’s nothings! So if you guys visit my website and like it then maybe you can do me a favour! you know what i mean, perhaps a click :). Im interested to see what system of monetisation will get me the most money…will it be google ads or amazon store???

btw, thank celine for posting Freshwater fish fanatics logo on your blog. click here to visit celines blog


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2 responses to “Website Update, Freshwater Fish Fanatics!

  1. Star Wise

    September 19, 2012 at 10:50 am

    Hey Johno, it’s great to see your dedication in configuring your website, and trying things out. I had a good look around your site and I like clicking on the Amazon links, so u should see some more “clicks” in your Stats. I tried “Google Ad Words” for a while for my main site (Peace in Practice) and found not many clicks so I removed it. I like the contests featured on Fish Fanatics (and if I had an aquarium I would be sure to go in them). Thanks for the update!

    • Johno

      September 19, 2012 at 11:04 am

      No worries, and thanks for the comment!


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